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Pitch Perfect + The Breakfast Club

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someday my im gonna have to tell my kids my fav band growing up was panic at the disco and my kids are gonna be like mom u were a frickin loser dang

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“I am prepared as much as I can be for anything that comes my way…I’m ready for employment, unemployment, life, death. I think I’m prepared for it. And if all else fails, I make a mean chicken sandwich.”

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I hallucinated that I was an actress and that I won an Oscar and instead of doing an acceptance speech, I did an acceptance rap and the crowd loved it. […] I can actually kind of remember it, it was like: ‘Listen up y’all, I got something to say, it’s about this award, that I won today…’

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you know when a celebrity your parents like dies and they get kind of quiet and sad and are all like “ohhh that person died? back in the day he was my favorite actor” or something?

that’s going to happen to you someday.

all of your favorite actors are going to die.


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me starting to watch new tv series

tv series: you're a fangirl. in fact you're a tumblr fangirl.
me: yes.
tv series: any good?
me: very good.
tv series: seen a lot of injuries, then. violent character deaths.
me: well. yes.
tv series: you've had a bit of feels too i bet.
me: of course. yes. enough for a lifetime. far too much feels.
tv series: wanna have some more?
me: oh god yes.
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